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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Award-Winning MC, PATH P joins the ballot for GRAMMY® consideration in 2 categories.

GRAMMY® season is upon us! This is a time where voting members of the academy provide eligible artists with the life-changing opportunity of being granted an esteemed nomination for a GRAMMY® in a selected category (or categories) of musical excellence.

HesKa Music Entertainment artist, PATH P has once again made his way on the voting ballot with his 3rd LP Revolution & Legacy, Vol. II: The Legacy produced by MythMuzik under consideration for the Best Rap Album category and Run in collaboration with singer/songwriter ROB Rise On Belief and produced by Old Boy Sosa Beats for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. PATH's first go round on the consideration run was back in 2017 with his single Head Up and the EP "Revolution & Legacy, Vol. I: The Revolution.

Revolution & Legacy, Vol. II: The Legacy is available now to stream & download on all digital music platforms. Follow @pathpmusic on all social media and subscribe on YouTube.

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